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Austin, Texas

June 30, 2015

Alliance Abroad Group Brings International Talent to Austin’s Growing Business Scene

Alliance Abroad Group Invests in Austin’s Business Growth

Alliance Abroad Group (AAG), is moving to Austin’s east side as part of an overall business expansion, which includes delivering recruiting solutions and cultural exchange programs to more Austin-based businesses.

Alliance Abroad CEO and founder, Victoria Lynden, is a serial social entrepreneur and has made Austin the incubator of several business initiatives including AAG. Lynden feels that Austin’s rapid business growth is ripe for the type of alternative recruiting solutions that her company provides.

“My vision when I started the company 27 years ago was to expose more cultures to each other through work and travel programs.” Lynden explains.  “Our company’s passion is cultural exchange and our expertise is alternative recruiting solutions, both of which are tremendous assets to any business.   As a U. S. Department of State designated sponsor of several J-1 visa programs, AAG has helped bring thousands of international students and young professionals into the United States to work, study and learn, exposing them to American companies and culture.  “It’s an incredible program with values-based principles at its core,” explains James Bell, AAG President.  “The students and young professionals that enter this program are educated and enthusiastic about the opportunity to work in some of America’s best businesses and brands. The interaction does so much to broaden everyone’s perspectives, building last connections and breaking down misunderstanding,” Bell states.  “Our employers tell us that they get more from the program than the participants.”

Most of our employers are in the hospitality and tourism business, but the range of student’s studies spans multiple areas and expertise. “We have a range of academic acumen that brings international talent to the front of the house to the backbone of any operation,” Bell states.  “Austin business scene is booming with many startups as well as internationally recognized brands and it’s a perfect place to attract international students and young professionals.”  Employers are able to enhance their recruiting efforts with a full-service program that matches candidate education and experience with company needs.

“Austin has always been a city of amazing innovation and business philanthropy,” says Lynden. “Cultural exchange is truly an opportunity to make both good business decisions and to be a good business by opening the doors of opportunity and enlightenment, she adds.  “I like to think of what we do as being part Peace Corps and part recruiting agency.  We think businesses benefit from both.”

Media Contact:

Jody Mayo

Chief Marketing Officer

Alliance Abroad Group

Alliance Abroad Group (AAG) is a company of cultural exchange enthusiasts and recruiting solutions experts.  Fueled by a desire to bring education, enrichment and enlightenment to people around the globe, AAG is also passionate about creating lasting value and life-changing experiences.  The company has been a cultural exchange leader since 1992, helping hundreds of thousands international students and young professionals come to the United States to work, intern and train.  AAG has made a palpable impact on creating global understanding, tolerance and connectedness, one person, one community, one company and one country at a time. Travel and education makes the world and differences smaller, is the underlying belief and purpose behind their brand.

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