Summertime is fun time and at Alliance Abroad we’re shortening the “dog days of summer.” Like our hometown city of Austin, we’re quirky, fun, creative, and friendly, and we absolutely LOVE our dogs.   So beginning with the “unofficial, official” start of the summer Memorial Day kick off, we implemented “Short/Short Bark Fridays.”


From Memorial Day to Labor Day, we’ve shorten the Friday work day, welcoming casual clothing and canine companions. Shorts are the summer apparel de jour.  Shorter Fridays, wearing a pair of favorite shorts. The bark part?   Anyone with a dog is welcome to bring their pup to work. Simply sign ‘em up (We don’t believe in no barking zones, but there is a building bark code, so the maximum number of pooches in the office at one time is three), pack ‘em up and parade them around the office for some pooch petting and doggy loving!

We’re constantly trying to come up with ways to make work less like work and more like fun. And because we know that our people work hard throughout the year, we’re doing what we can to show our appreciation. It’s the little things that can make the biggest differences- whether it’s our normal Friday hours or breakfasts, free yoga classes, or giving people a little extra time off to enjoy the things they love. We believe that when you take care of people, the rest takes care of itself, because good always goes around.

At Alliance Abroad, we want the experience of working for us or with us to be fun, meaningful, casual, comfortable and caring. It’s what we’re all about.

After all, life and summer are short, so we’re making the most of it. We’re enjoying short summer Fridays wearing our favorite shorts with our faithful companions barking by our sides.