Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays at Alliance Abroad. It’s a time to refocus and recalibrate in a positive way, and provides the impetus for deep reflection on the many things for which we are deeply grateful. There are many reasons to give thanks, and most have nothing to do with things, but all have to do with the people we touch and the difference we make.

We’re thankful that the work we do contributes to bringing people together for greater understanding, mutual respect and lifelong friendships. The people with whom we work – our fellow team members, employers, partners and participants – enrich our lives immeasurably. We’re thankful that our guiding principles have more to do with people than profits, and that the trust we have earned over three decades is something that we still treasure.

We’ve lost count of the number of people that have come through our programs, but we’ve never lost touch with the reason we became exchange sponsors. When we see the fruits of our labors open doors of opportunity and open the hearts and minds of people around the world, we’re deeply thankful.

Every participant who sends a letter letting us know how the exchange experience changed his/her life, perspective and trajectory; every partner who tells us they consider us both colleague and friend; and every employer who reaches out to us because they know we won’t let them down, is reason for us to give thanks.

Together, we really are working to make the world a little better. And what more reason could we have to be thankful?

From all of us at Alliance Abroad, Happy Thanksgiving!