Keep Those Letters Coming!

The Trump administration budget calls for unprecedented cuts to the Department of State, and significant, but unspecified, cuts to the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA). ECA funds are critical to sustaining international exchange programs, which enable critical “people-to-people” diplomacy efforts.

Though these programs are considered “soft” by some, we know that they have untold and documented benefits – creating stronger connections and greater collaboration between global citizens.

‘Exchange alumni enable closer relationships between America and other countries. In fact, the State Department reports that one in three current world leaders have participated in U.S. exchange programs and that 92 percent of exchange participants from Muslim majority countries report having a more favorable view of the United States.’

According to the Alliance for International Exchange, an organization dedicated to supporting exchange programs, over 7,300 letters have already been sent to Congress. The outpouring of support for continued ECA funding and the backlash to proposed budget cuts have prompted Representative Hank Johnson to extend the deadline to March 28th.  Anyone wanting to support the continued funding of these important diplomacy and national security programs, is urged to write your Congressional representative by clicking here.

Alliance Abroad is passionate about education and exposure as enablers of greater understanding and lasting connections. We support any program that makes significant gains toward creating a more peaceful and prosperous planet.

Thanks, as always, for your support.