The Issue:  

Planned or proposed changes under the Trump Administration’s “America First,” policy may substantially impact the Summer Work Travel Program. These changes could substantially reduce the number of J1 visas.   What does that mean to you?  Your business may not have access to the staff required to sustain and support peak business operations. Proposed changes to the Summer Work Travel Program would have a crippling impact to your business.

The Impact:

All of us have a vested interest to ensure that visa programs that sustain and support profitable business continue. Beyond the devastating effects to your business, there are also negative economic, diplomatic and national security consequences to our communities and country.  SWT programs promote economic growth and spur education and enlightenment, creating stronger global ties and trade.

The Facts:

Here’s what we know and need to continue to convey to our state and federal policy makers:

  • The Summer Work Travel Program DOES NOT displace American workers.
  • With a 4 percent national unemployment rate, the idea that Americans will fill temporary, low-skill and low wage jobs is unrealistic.
  • Employers’ report Americans show little interest in temporary, short-term or lower paying positions that foreign students and workers eagerly accept.
  • Changes to the Summer Work Travel program could harm businesses that cannot otherwise staff their business.
  • Many economists argue that rather than taking jobs from Americans, temporary workers support the creation of higher-paying positions for U.S. citizens.
  • Summer Work Travel supports local and national economies.
  • Summer Work Travel provides important diversity to American businesses and communities.
  • Reduction in other visas including H2B have had a devastating impact to many businesses. The hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit.

The Solution: Collaborative Advocacy and Action

Alliance Abroad has retained a well-established lobbying firm to protect your interests.  If your organization employs a lobbying or legal firm that is involved in advocacy efforts, we would strongly suggest a collaboration approach and appeal to law and policy makers and politicians. Without your active participation, the negative impact on your business could be severe.

Next Steps:

  1. Call or write to your state representatives and senators (timing as critical as we face the summer Congressional recess).
  2. An easy- to-complete template will provide the appropriate contact information based on your location and state.
  3. Sample talking points are provided, but personal examples of how the program supports American jobs, businesses and economy will be the best evidence and argument to preserve the programs and your business.

Please, ACT NOW to influence the outcome so that the Summer Work Travel Program can continue to be an important solution to your business needs.
Your Alliance Abroad Account Manager will be in contact with you to answer any questions.

Let’s stand together and stand up for Summer Work Travel!

Call your Representative and Senators

Call your Representative and Senators

We’re providing talking points to help you make your case – click here to make calls.
You can also write your Members. This will only take a minute as the letter is pre-written and you can send as is.

Sign our petition in support of Summer Work Travel

Sign our petition in support of Summer Work Travel

We give a copy of this petition, with every signer arranged by state, to every Representative, Senator, and government official we meet. You can sign the petition by clicking here.