September 12, 2018

Information Technology Internships with Alliance Abroad

Alliance Abroad recently launched an IT internship program that provides international students and graduates with specialized IT training, work experience and exposure.

The internship is one of Alliance Abroad’s programs designed to provide more international youths with meaningful work and training experiences.

Our goal is to provide a variety of work and traning programs and removing any barriers for people to participiate in life-changing experiences. We believe everyone deserves opportunities that can make a positive impact on their life.

The program also addresses the shortage of internships for international students in the exploding IT field.  Internships historically have been geared to students pursuing degrees in the hospitality and tourism industry, excluding the  growing population of people pursuing advanced technical degrees.

We designed this program specifically for students looking for IT training and work experience. It’s an incredible opportunity for them to apply their academic pursuits in some of the most innovative companies in the U.S.

Imagine working with some of the smartest people in the IT industry. Meet innovators, mentors and investors in Austin’s many innovation hubs!

Students studying Cyber Security, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, E-Commerce and other areas of IT will work side-by-side with experienced IT professionals in creative startups and innovative businesses all over Austin, Texas.

“We see this as a tremendous benefit to international students and Austin’s growing IT industry, which is quickly earning a reputation for innovation and entrepre

neurship on par with Silicon Valley,” says James Bell, President of Alliance Abroad. “We’re expecting a huge interest in this program from both students and employers, as the demand for IT talent is high, and until now, the opportunity for international students to participate in information technology training has been rare. The  IT Internship program solves the needs of both.”

At Alliance Abroad, we’re working on designing programs that meet the growing needs of people from all over the world.  We’re intently focused on creating programs that enable more and more global youths to learn, explore and experience.