John Kerry’s exit letter detailing the accomplishments of the Obama administration and the Department of State was brilliantly composed and thoughtfully stated.

Secretary Kerry was quick to remind a sometimes forgetful nation of the sad state of economic and diplomatic affairs when Barack Obama first took office in 2009. But in a detailed and beautifully articulated letter, Kerry outlines the tremendous progress over the past eight years that as provided the American people with greater security at home and abroad. He describes the efforts to thwart foreign despots from threatening the world with weapons of mass destruction, the destabilization of major terrorist groups that included bringing the people responsible for the 911 attacks to justice, and the diplomatic efforts aimed at resolving conflicts all over the world. Along with greater security for American people, the Obama administration has also made tremendous progress in gaining support for initiatives aimed at protecting our planet, expanding opportunities for American businesses and people, defending universal values and modernizing the State Department so that its important work throughout the world can be conducted with greater efficiency and security.

Secretary Kerry is a statesman, a gentleman and a patriotic American who has dedicated his life in service to the American people. He has been an ardent supporter of diplomacy programs such as the Exchange Visitor Programs, which introduce and immerse foreign students and visitors in American culture for the purpose of education and greater understanding. As visitor exchange sponsors, we have witnessed the palpable changes in perspective, attitude and understanding when people work, study and learn side by side and hand in hand. When we approach human beings with humanity and humanely, we can and will create peace and prosperity on the planet.

In a recent blog post, AAG expressed our belief about what makes America great. We believe that is America is great precisely because we embrace the diversity of people, perspectives and the idea that all beings under God and this nation are created equal and therefore, due equal rights. We echo and applaud Kerry’s closing remarks:

American greatness is a fact but not an entitlement. It cannot be taken for granted. It must be demonstrated and earned by every generation. It demands the best from us, and the best within us. The world will be watching to see whether we – the American people – remain up to that challenge. There is not a scintilla of doubt in my mind that the answer is yes, but we will have to work at it, together, and make the investments that leaders have a responsibility to make. Today’s State Department is a rewarding place to work because we have a unique country to represent, great things to accomplish, and a matchless set of colleagues by our side. I will always be grateful for the incredible opportunity I have been given to serve – it’s been the honor of my life. I send President Obama’s successor, and mine, all the best wishes as they embark on what will be a truly extraordinary journey representing the greatest country on earth.

We sincerely hope that the incoming administration will embrace as passionately the values of inclusion, equal rights and diversity that, as Americans, we all hold dear. We eagerly await their direction and offer our support of exchange and other diplomacy efforts that protect our nation’s security and freedom.

Alliance Abroad would like to thank Secretary Kerry for his service and all the tremendous accomplishments that have served to advance greater peace and prosperity around the world. We salute Barack Obama for his courage, tenacity, composure and purposeful agenda to help all Americans – not just the privileged and powerful. He stood convicted in the face of constant opposition and harsh criticism, undaunted in his pursuit to uphold the very principles of our constitution and the convictions of our forefathers- liberty, justice, freedom and equality for all.


Well done gentlemen. Thank you.