Terms & Conditions


If you have any questions, please ask your Alliance Abroad Group (henceforth referred to as AAG) Enrollment Coordinator or your local agency before you sign these Terms & Conditions. Voluntary or willful ignorance of the content of this document will not release you from your responsibilities.

I (hereby referred to as “Participant”) agree to the following Terms & Conditions of my participation in the work experience program through AAG. I understand that failure to comply with this agreement may result in cancellation of my work authorization abroad, as well as my affiliation with the program.

General Program Terms & Conditions:

  • Participants in any of AAG’s programs waive and release all claims against AAG and its employees/agents for any injury, loss, damage, accident, expense or delay caused by or related to any means of transportation, lodging (hotel, host family, apartment, dormitory, hostel, or pension), school premises, restaurant, securing passport and visas, or any other services rendered in connection with the program.
  • Participant releases AAG and its employees/agents with regard to any financial obligation to liabilities that the participant may incur or any damage or injury to the personal property of others that the participant may cause while enrolled in the program.
  • Participant understands that he/she is traveling under his/her own responsibility and hereby releases AAG and its employees/agents from any liability related to health or safety.
  • Participant understands that he/she is advised not to purchase travel tickets until his/her program placement has been confirmed and a job offer has been signed. If a participant purchases travel tickets early, AAG is not responsible for any fees incurred by the participant.
  • Participant understands that he/she is advised not to apply for visa until his/her program placement has been confirmed and a job offer has been signed, or until otherwise advised by AAG employees/agents.
  • Participant is responsible for any additional expenses if he/she arrives in country before the start of his/her program. You must have access to sufficient funds to support yourself for the initial stage of your placement/holiday. Generally, $2,000.00 AUD (~$1,500.00 USD) may be regarded as sufficient, but the amount may vary depending on your length of stay, and the extent of your travel. You should also have a return or onward ticket, or the funds for a fare to depart the country in which you will be working during your program placement.

You may be asked to provide evidence. Evidence may include a certified copy of a bank statement and an air ticket out of the country in which you will be working during your program placement.

  • Participant understands that the airline, train or bus carriers’ liability for loss or damage to baggage or for personal injury is limited by their tariff and subject to government regulations. Any claims related to the participants chosen method of transportation must be addressed directly to the transportation carrier.
  • AAG and its affiliates and partners decline any legal responsibility for: (1) incurred health problems or any personal misconduct or inappropriate behavior by the participant; (2) Participants expelled from the program; (3) any force majeure (earthquake, floods, strikes, etc.).
  • AAG shall be responsible for providing the services outlined to the participant. In the event that the services and accommodations outlined cannot be provided due to causes beyond the control of AAG, all efforts will be made to provide comparable services and accommodations. If a position is cancelled, AAG, shall only be responsible for reimbursing the participant the amount of the program fee. Program prices are subject to increase in the event of changes in international monetary exchange rates.

Program Conditions:

Prior to departure, Participant agrees that:

  • Participant understands this is a work experience program.
  • Participant understands that he/she is required to fulfill the entire work contract term with employer.
  • Participant understands that he/she cannot conduct personal leisure travel experiences that would prevent him/her from working his/her normal work schedule until he/she has fulfilled his/her work contract.
  • Participant will read all written materials sent to him/her by Ag or employer.
  • Participant understands that AAG sends him/her important messages through the email address he/she submitted on his/her application. Participant agrees to check his/her emails at least once a week.
  • Participant understand that a nonrefundable application fee[1] is due upon submission of his/her application and full program payment is due upon completion of application and conditional acceptance into the program in order to secure interviews with potential host companies. If participant submits a late application or payment at any point in the application and placement process, participant will not hold AAG responsible for any delay in his/her placement process.
  • Participant understands that he/she has a maximum of 365 days to pay the remaining program fee from the date his/her application fee is received. After such time, if the applicant is still interested in proceeding with the program, another non-refundable application fee will be assessed to cover administrative fees.
  • Participant will be responsible for all costs related to international travel and any fees associated with visas and/or additional insurance.
  • Participant understands that AAG cannot guarantee a specific placement location, exact start date, or placement of two participants in the same area, but will make every effort to meet such requests.
  • Participant will fulfill the requirements of the placement as outlined in the signed job offer from AAG.
  • Participant understands he/she must be in possession of passport, visa, insurance, and any required vaccinations before entering Australia.
  • Participant accepts and understands that certain risks are involved in traveling, and he/she undertakes this program at his/her own risk.
  • Participant understands that all photos or testimonials provided to AAG during his/her participation in the program can be used for AAG promotional purposes unless participant provides written notification declining his/her permission.

[1] The application fee is an administration and processing fee and as such is nonrefundable after the first 72 hours. A grace period of 72 hours is given to request a refund during which the refund will be granted.  

During stay abroad, participant understands that:

  • Participant must check in with AAG’s on ground support team via phone, email, or Skype within 24 hours upon arrival to Australia.
  • Participant will be placed with an employer as a work/holiday participant. In the event of problems, participant agrees to communicate with his/her employer and program coordinator.
  • If participant has any concerns/issues with his/her placement, participant will contact AAG’s on ground support team to resolve them.
  • Participant understand that if he/she has any claims or complaints, they must be submitted directly to AAG in writing within 28 days of the incident and cannot be publically posted to third party sites until AAG has an opportunity to resolve the situation.
  • Participant will be responsible for working in accordance with the arrangements agreed upon with his/her employer.
  • If participant does not fulfill the expectations of his/her placement duties and loses his/her placement, AAG is not responsible for finding a second placement.
  • Participant agrees to complete the full terms of his/her position as outlined in his/her signed job offer.
  • Participant understands the type of placement may be adjusted during his/her program and this will be determined by his/her own attitude, diligence, initiative, language level, and requirements of the placement.
  • Participant agrees not to incur any debts, telephone bills, etc. that participant cannot cover.
  • Holidays must be planned in advance, in agreement with the employer.
  • The following will not be accepted behavior, and will lead to expulsion from the program without refund: Abuse of alcohol; violating the laws of the Australia; personal misconduct or inappropriate behavior of a serious nature; failure to carry out tasks of the position.
  • In the event AAG agrees to a second placement, participant is responsible for any additional cost(s) incurred if he/she leaves his/her first placement early, until the second placement is secured.
  • In the event that participant leaves his/her placement prior to his/her scheduled end date, no refund of fees will be granted.
  • Participant agrees to take emergency funds of at least $2,000.00 AUD (~$1,500.00 USD) abroad with him/her. Participant understands that he/she may need to show proof of these funds to Immigration Officers upon arrival in Australia.

Upon Completion of Program:

  • Participant agrees to complete the AAG evaluation form. Participant will give his/her honest opinion and feedback regarding his/her experience abroad.


  • Participant understands that he/she must have appropriate medical & travel insurance while he/she is a participant on an AAG program.

Payment of Fees:

Work & Travel Plus Program:

Payment in full must be received before AAG submits your resume to employers for interview consideration. Non-receipt of payment by due date will result in automatic withdrawal from the program and participant is subject to cancellation and refund policies.

Payment Schedule:

Payment for the selected program is payable based on the following timeline:

For the Work & Travel Plus Program:

  1. Application Fee: $300 USD for 6-month placement or $500.00 USD for 12-month placement due upon submission of application.
  2. Remaining Program Fee: Payment in full is due within 60 days of your program start date. Payment in full must be received before AAG submits your resume to employers for interview consideration.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Refunds prior to arrival in Australia:

  • If you notify AAG of a cancellation or visa denial, in writing, prior to the program start date; refunds will be issued according to the chart below, including a charge to cover costs incurred.

Refunds after Arrival in Australia:

  • Participant understands once program attendance has begun, no refunds will be granted regardless of the length of time remaining for the scheduled program(s). Cancellation and trip interruption insurance may be purchased on a supplemental basis through various travel insurance policies.

Revised on 4/1/2016