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6833| Culinary Kitchen Rotation | 🔍 Openings [78]

Intern and Trainee @STARR Restaurants

Placement Detail

  • Openings 78
  • Program length 12
  • Start date Mid 2022
  • Housing Participant Arranged
  • Stipend $15/hour (See additional info for stipend ranges)
  • Reference # 6833

Placement Description

STARR Restaurants presents a world of remarkable experiences with a portfolio as diverse as it is daring. Showcasing concepts that capture the elements of Latin America, Asia, the UK, the US, and beyond, STARR awakens tastes and enlivens palates with creative interpretations of rich cooking traditions from around the world.

STARR Restaurants has multiple locations in NY, PA, FL, and DC.

Candidates will be placed at a specific restaurant based on their skillset and best fit for a successful program experience.


Training Plan Phases Summary:

  • Orientation
  • Garde Manger Procedures and Techniques
  • Hot Line Production and Operational Training
  • Kitchen Administration and Supervisory Shadow
  • Culinary Supervisor Development (Trainee)


The perfect candidate is:

  • Any candidate applying for placement with STARR Restaurants should be driven, energetic, excited to learn and develop their skills.  Strong English-speaking skills are a must.  In addition, the candidate should be willing to help support others, communicative, and have a passion for the Culinary Arts.


Additional Information:

  • Wage: $15/Hr (Ranges from $15/HR – $19/HR based on State, Site of activity & Experience)
  • Overtime is available if pre-approved by supervisor.


Housing Information

  • Participant Arranged
  • Housing Leads provided
  • Approximately $500 to $800 per candidate per month depends on location.

Program Dates:

Earliest Start Date: August 15, 2022.

Latest Start Date: December 15, 2022.


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