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Ventana Big Sur

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Ventana Big Sur

When you reach the edge of the continent, where the sky, the sea, the mountains and the redwoods all converge, you find a place of unmatched beauty and tranquility. You feel the pull that has drawn artists and thinkers for centuries. And you’re enveloped by the same inspiration to discover, (dis)connect and create.

You’ve reached AlilaVentana Big Sur, an enclave tucked among the forests in one of the most iconic and dramatic landscapes on Earth.

It’s a place where you see the world, and even yourself, a little bit differently. Where you can find your center, soothe your body and stir your imagination. And where romantics, visionaries and seekers find the fuel that feeds their souls.


Location highlights:

From its celebrated coastline to its broad heartland and granite Sierra peaks, California offers a lifetime of vacations in one Golden State. In a place this big and diverse, there is truly something for everyone—and plenty left over to keep you coming back. Sunny beaches and surfers in the waves, dazzling cities filled with culture and entertainment, jaw-dropping parklands and vistas worthy of any bucket list—California has incomparable star quality. Enjoy a kid’s wish list of iconic theme parks, or indulge in some of the best food and wine experiences in the world. Whether seen from a five-star hotel balcony or through tent flaps, California is truly golden.

Seeing the Sights in Hollywood

A visit to Southern California wouldn’t be complete without a 30 minute drive from Venice Beach to Hollywood.

There is an excitement that fills the air here. If you ever need a reminder of that fact, turn your head at many locations, look up to the hills, and view the iconic Hollywood sign, or take a drive farther into the Hollywood Hills for a closer view.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a must-see. Visitors can view the more than 2,500 stars honouring celebrities in various fields of entertainment as they walk along Hollywood Boulevard. At the world-famous, stunningly beautiful Chinese Theatre, you will also find over 200 hand and footprints in the cement from many past and present stars. I have been lucky to partake in a few film premieres here, but don’t worry; even without an invite you can often catch a glimpse of your favourite actor or actress as they walk the carpet.

Nearby, the Hollywood and Highland Center, with its many great shops and delicious restaurants, offers a wonderful break for tired feet.

Sun, desert landscapes and outdoor adventure

California, Nevada and Arizona have always been synonymous with adventure. This part of the United States maintains an aura of unlimited possibilities and untamed wilderness. Experience it for yourself on a road trip that will take you across beautiful beaches, vibrant cities and natural wonders that you can’t find anywhere else. What to bring: A study pair of hiking boots, plenty of water, and camera for all of the beautiful views!

Sun, desert landscapes and outdoor adventure!

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