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What began as a family-owned crop and beef farm in 1939, has grown into a multi-faceted, ever-changing partnership. In the mid-1970s, the family business was incorporated under the name of Riverview. This new company continued farming and raising beef cattle until 1995 when the company’s business structure changed to a partnership, which allowed several community members to invest in the new 800-head dairy, complete with a double-24 parallel parlor. Over the following years, the vision of an adaptable, integrated agricultural operation continued to grow as more dairy operations, beef feedlots, agronomy systems, and construction crews were added. Today, the company is predominantly owned by Riverview employees who strive to provide a respectful, ethical work environment, ensure animal health and comfort, enhance the productivity of the land, and add value to the communities in which we live and work.


Location highlights:

Riverview is offering opportunities for three of its Dairy farms located in Minnesota, New Mexico and Arizona!

Arizona is known for vast deserts but actually is a state of contrasts. You will find sunshine and snow, desert and forest, Wild West shootouts and serene landscapes. The odds are much better than average that the weather will cooperate with your vacation plans, no matter the season. If that’s not enough to persuade you to take a trip to Arizona, consider that Arizona has the good fortune of being home to the Grand Canyon, one of the “Seven Natural Wonders of the World” and a truly awesome sight. In many ways, the beauty of Arizona is embodied by its most famous natural landmark, the Grand Canyon. Like the Grand Canyon itself, Arizona is vast and ancient, a panorama of stunning color and fascinating geology, with a history defined by American Indians and larger-than-life adventurers.But there is so much more to the Grand Canyon State than the Grand Canyon itself. Dare to visit!


Now, New Mexico, is the land of enchantment, offers a truly unique experiences. Those who travel to New Mexico will find a state rich with hot springs, desert vegetation, and Native American artwork. Whether you’re an adventure junkie who likes to explore canyons and caves, a snow bunny who enjoys hitting the slopes or a foodie with a taste for spice, New Mexico is the place to be. Visit New Mexico for the fiery food, cowboy adventures, amazing murals, ski escapes, and bounty of cultural events. From its desert landscape to its luxurious ski resorts, New Mexico travel offers a variety of adventures.


And last but not least Minnesota. Dakota Indians first named this land “minisota,” meaning “land of sky-tinted water,” when they settled here more than three centuries ago. Today, Minnesota is still known for its breathtaking scenery, with magnificent forests, beautiful prairieland and sparkling blue lakes dotting the state. Two national monuments and two national park sites offer a glimpse into the history and beauty of Minnesota. Voyageurs National Park, the only water-based national park in the USA, features outdoor recreation opportunities year-round, from boating on luxurious houseboats in the summer to excitement on snowmobile trails in the winter. Now if you are looking for some urban experience -The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have the famous Mall of America and Walker Art Institute.



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