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Hotel Crescent Court

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Hotel Crescent Court

featuring undeniable charm that is quintessentially Texan, we meld Dallas sophistication and heritage into an experience that is uniquely Hotel Crescent Court. With our immersive spa, renowned dining, and serene pool just moments away from the trolley, our hotel opens a world filled by arts, shopping and entertainment districts. Fresh from a $30 million renovation, this is Texas luxury living at its finest.


Location highlights:

If Dallas does one thing right, it’s the high-low. The cinderblock, eat-in-your-car taco and BBQ counters are just as good as the rightfully hyped, celebrity-chef run restaurants. The shiny, new over-the-highway park in the middle of downtown’s skyscrapers is as worth a visit as the thousand lakeside acres at White Rock. And the Lone Star-slinging, perfectly grime-y hole-in-the-wall is as important to Dallasites as the glamorous craft cocktail speakeasy. Speaking of glamour, this is home to the OG Neiman Marcus and shopping galore—which goes head to head with the artisan-driven boutiques cropping up all over town. Mix and match ‘em all, and you’ve got the perfect Texas experience. (Remember: the cowboys—the real ones—live next door in Fort Worth.)

You’ve heard the expression: Everything’s bigger in Texas. And those who say it aren’t wrong. But few Texas cities embody this more than sprawling Dallas. After all, it’s the land of the namesake soap opera; a sad presidential history; frozen margaritas; and chile con queso that will make you weep. It’s also part of the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the U.S., and a hub for commerce, education, and art. With more than 20,000 hotel rooms in the construction pipeline or coming online (second only to New York City), there’s never been a better time to visit. Here are the best things to do in Dallas when you inevitably come to town.


The perfect combination of sophistication and heritage
into an experience that truly represents a proud legacy of Dallas!


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