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Dora Hotel Company – Athens Hotel Partners

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Dora Hotel Company – Athens Hotel Partners

Welcome to Holiday Inn Columbus, Indiana’s newest hotel! Holiday Inn Columbus offers our guests luxury at competitive prices and all the conveniences needed while traveling in today’s mobile world. Our free high speed internet, 42″ HDTVs and friendly team members are here to introduce you to the best of Columbus, Indiana.


Location highlights:

There’s a genuine personality that translates into authentic experiences for those visiting Indiana. Here, travelers can spend their days paddling a winding river, fishing an inland lake or browsing the shops on Main Street. They can enjoy homegrown produce – and get to know the growers – at our farmer’s markets, eateries and vineyards. World-class cities offer internationally renowned museums, performing arts venues and high-energy sporting events – all paired with friendliness as an added bonus. They can visit a bustling capital city, sunbathe beneath the soaring sand dunes, climb the highest hilltops or explore the deepest depths beneath the surface of the earth. Anywhere travelers go in Indiana, they’ll encounter genuine people and experiences. Even the busiest attractions aim to satisfy and delight because in Indiana, more than anywhere else, hospitality matters. That’s real. That’s Honest-to-Goodness Indiana.

The first artificial white water river course in North America cuts right through an Indiana city.

Despite the vocal objections of a number of taxpayers, the Civil War-era East Race Waterway was resurrected after being filled and leveled, an act that originally seemed to signal the end of its days. It’s now a commercial and competitive white water river course that runs straight through a bustling downtown. The waterway was originally constructed in the 1840s to provide power to a sawmill for South Bend’s thriving manufacturing industry. After years of disuse, the channel was filled in, and as of the 1970s, the only traces of the former St. Joseph River outlet were the innocuous bridge railings that still stood among the failing downtown area.

Fun at the State Fair

For food-lovers, state fairs showcase the best that local farmers and vendors have to offer. At the Indiana State Fair, ranchers serve sandwiches made with steak or pulled pork, and dairy farmers operate the Dairy Bar, with a menu of ice cream, milkshakes and gooey grilled cheese sandwiches.

At the Wisconsin State Fair, the state’s dairy farmers provide the ingredients for more than 400,000 cream puffs (sweet cream nested in flaky pastry shells) and deep-fried cheese curds, which vendors sell to fairgoers. At the Ohio State Fair, food vendors such as Schmidt’s honor the region’s German heritage with sausage sandwiches, bratwurst and frankfurters topped with steamy sauerkraut.

Throughout the region, state fairs are ideal occasions for sampling indulgences including sugar-dusted funnel cakes and buttery corn on the cob. The events are also known for serving food on a stick. Corndogs — deep-fried, breaded hot dogs — are the classic example, but vendors at the Iowa State Fair offer more than 70 food-on-a-stick options.

To drink, fairgoers seek out lemon shake-ups, a blend of lemonade, sugar and ice. Many state fairs are also featuring the region’s growing number of breweries, wineries and distilleries with judged competitions and tasting events.

American appeal in the heart of the Midwest!

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