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Del Monte Hotel Management – Grappa at Hilton Garden Inn CT

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Grappa at Hilton Garden Inn College Town

Italian Nouveau is a modern approach to traditional Italian cuisine and where the past meets the present. Dustin Muroski, Executive Chef, carefully crafts a modern Italian dining experience perfect for a night out, a lively dinner with friends or a quick bite. Grappa has your back.


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Rochester is a beautiful city that is well-known as a hub for all forms of American music. During springtime, the blooming flowers gave it the nickname “Flower City.” Rochester is also home to the world-famous George Eastman House. George Eastman, founder of Kodak, is remembered here along with the history of the development and technology of photography, as well as contemporary photographs and video art. The front of the house has large living room windows so you can see the scenery outside the garden.


Come experience “Flower City”, the third largest city in New York!


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