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BRG Hospitality Group – Shaya Restaurant LLC

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Company Description

BRG Hospitality Group – Shaya Restaurant LLC

Shaya restaurant combines Israeli staples with Southern flavors and modern techniques, striking a balance between innovation and tradition. Shaya approaches Israeli cuisine as a grand mosaic, drawing influence and inspiration from North Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Turkey and Greece. The contemporary menu reflects the ongoing evolution of Israeli food and celebrates the abundance of Louisiana. Shaya highlights seasonal, responsibly and locally-sourced ingredients. The wood-fire oven is central to both the menu and the dining experience, from the incredible homemade, wood-fired pita to vegetable-centric small plates and heartier entrees. Many of the dishes on the diverse menu are meant to be shared and enjoyed throughout many courses.


Location highlights:

Located in the American South, but built on a history all its own, the state of Louisiana is truly unique. The vibe of modern-day Louisiana is a perfect melding of cultures including African, French, Native American, Canadian, Hatian and European, which combine to create a one-of-a-kind spirit that can only be found in this Southern state.

If you want to visit one state with more than a few cultural influences, come to Louisiana. Bordered by the Mississippi River to the East and the Gulf of Mexico to the South, Louisiana has seen more than a few inhabitants over the years. Many such inhabitants have come together to form communities with cultures all their own, namely the distinctive Cajun culture in Louisiana’s Southwest region. Then, of course, there’s New Orleans. This world-class city is rich in history and charm, and offers a music, cuisine and carnival festival scene unparalleled in the region. Add to that, the distinctive environmental features of the state, such as its vast swamplands and accompanying bird populations, as well as the many outdoor destinations to the north, and you’ll find plenty to do and see on your trip to Louisiana.

The French Quarter

The French Quarter is the perfect place to share artistic expression. Its streets, shops, and venues are home to mimes and contortionists, card readers and fortune tellers, painters and dancers and, of course, musicians. Very few places are as welcoming, diverse, and celebratory as New Orleans. Robin explains, “New Orleans is one of those places where you can wear a tutu on a Tuesday and no one would look at you twice.”

“Jazz is symbolic of freedom,” Robin points out. New Orleans jazz today is a unique blend of traditional African tempos, European brass, and Cuban habanera. It’s a direct reflection of the trade routes and communities and has a sound completely unique to New Orleans. But New Orleans doesn’t limit itself—a quick stroll past the music clubs in the French Quarter will give you a taste of Dixieland, zydeco, blues, and Irish folk music, to name a few.

Poydras Corridor – New Orleans, Louisiana

The largest city in Louisiana is considered one of the greatest crossroads of culture in the world. It’s where American jazz was born, Creole cooking was invented and Mardi Gras was perfected. Now, the Poydras Corridor Sculpture Exhibition is putting New Orleans on the map for its visual art. Created after Hurricane Katrina to lift the spirits of residents, the outdoor rotating exhibit features more than 26 sculptures from contemporary artists, allowing solo visitors to enjoy the works while strolling Poydras Street.

Great music, food and nature, with a dash of eccentricity!

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